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Dr. Anja Scherwaß

Curriculum vitae

1990-1996 Study of biology at the University of Cologne. Graduation ("Dipl.-Biol.")
1995Study of limnology at the University of Vienna, Institute for Limnology (Erasmus-Grant of the European Union)
1996 Diploma thesis on problems of nitrite toxicity on macroinvertebrates and occurrence of nitrite in surface and interstitial water in a small river
1996-1997 Assistance at laboratory work and students courses at the University of Cologne, Department of Physiological Ecology, Prof. Dr. Neumann
1998 – 2001 Graduate Student at the University of Cologne: Ecological role of ciliates in the potamoplankton of the river Rhine
2001 - 2005 Postdoctoral Research Associate: Interactions between bacteria and protozoans: Feeding ecology of heterotrophic flagellates
March 2003 - May 2003 Research Stay at the Molecular Microbial Ecology Group (Prof. S.Molin) at the Danish Technical University, Lyngby
2005 - Research Associate (Permanent Position)


Research interests

Ecology of Protozoans, esp. Ciliates in Rivers, Biofilm Ecology, Bacteria-Protozoa Interactions, esp. Three Dimensional Structure investigated by Laser Scanning Microscopy

Recent publications

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Venter, P., Nitsche, F., Scherwass, A., Arndt, H. (2018) Discrepancies between molecular and morphological databases of soil ciliates studied for temperate grasslands of central Europe. Protist 169: 521-538


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